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COVID-19 Cares Act - 22 Minute Video - 3/31/2020 - 8/31/2020
We are in a period of uncertainty but despite all this, we have proven time and time again that we have the resolve to continue with courage.

We admire the undying entrepreneurial spirit that prompts us to continually innovate.

Our great government has offered help and just because you seek help does not minimize your bravery in this time of need.

We want to make available to you a 22-minute Video that explains the CARES Act that will also help address the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program Loan).

View the video at www.facebook.com/ohiobusinessbrokers

We are here for you as a resource.

Feel free to call 614-792-7770 ext 71 or email at Info@ConfidentialSale.com
The Business Broker Event Of The Year! - 4/23/2020 - 4/25/2020
Join us for insightful Masterminds, timely workshops and powerful networking - all in the heart of the "Derby City"Louisville, Kentucky!

Whether you are right out of the gate or in the home stretch of your business brokerage career, the IBBA Conference is an educational and social experience that moves far beyond the theoretical, delivering rich content, actionable insights and powerful connections to drive you forward.

View additional details and register at:

Visit us - www.IBBA.org
Overcoming Real Estate Challenges In Completing Businss Brokerage Deals - IBBA Workshop 10am to 11:30am - 4/24/2020
Presenter: Bob Brooks, CEPA, CBI - Practice Endeavors

The most important factor in finalizing business brokerage deals is the one that is most limiting. Believe it or not, the real estate portion of deals holds up deal closings more than any other factor. It is important to collect the right information about real property and know the right tools to use to get deals done with the least difficulty possible. It's great when business sellers have formal appraisals done on real property but frequently appraisals are not available. Participants will review several case studies together with examples of challenges business brokers commonly face.

Presenter: Bob Brooks, CEPA, CBI - Practice Endeavors
Track: The Next Level
time 10am to 11:30am EST
Email: bbrooks@practiceendeavors.com
Navigating the Complexities of Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions 10am to 11:30am - 4/24/2020
Presenter: Attorney Vinita Mehra, Kegler Brown Law Firm

This presentation demystifies cross-border deals, explaining, from both a legal and cultural perspective, why they can be so complex, and enabling attendees to improve transaction speed, reduce operational risk, and increase ROI. Global business attorney Vinita Mehra will use case study examples to add context as she details how cross-border transactions are classified and what factors drive both inbound and outbound M+A. She will also discuss the top issues for each, such as regulatory approvals, cultural and political considerations, CIFUS, and more. This session will give an in-depth look at strategic considerations, such as navigating foreign markets and creating a strategy for implementation and will provide advice on potential buyers and how to find them.

Presenter: Attorney Vinita Mehra, Kegler Brown Law Firm
Track: The Next Level
10am to 11:30am
Email: VMehra@keglerbrown.com
2020 International Business Brokers Association Annual Conference - Plan To Attend Today - 4/24/2020 - 4/25/2020
The Industry’s Premier Event

IBBA Conferences offer business brokers a combination of education, networking and comradery not found anywhere else. Conference highlights include:

The Main Street Marketplace. Interact with the industry’s top solution providers to learn about the latest products and services to grow your business.

Workshops By The Experts. Workshops and seminars are included with your Conference experience and bring you the latest insights and how-tos across a range of topics, from sales and marketing to broker development and technology.

Masterminds. Masterminds use a peer-to-peer sharing format that allows you to quickly and effectively tap into decades of expertise by learning the best practices of others.
Accelerate your success curve, and avoid common pitfalls, through the sage wisdom of the group!

Optional Courses. Maximize your Conference experience by choosing from an array of optional courses to add to your agenda.
Courses vary by Conference, but always include a purposeful mix of sales, marketing, financial, legal and niche topics, ensuring there is a course for everyone, no matter your place on the experience curve.

Register and Additional Details at www.IBBA.org

Ohio Business Brokers Association www.OBBA.org is Proud To Be An Affiliate Partner of the International Business Brokers Association. Questions to Info@ConfidentialSale.com or Call 614-792-7770 ext 71
How To Get Your "B" Listing to A Sellable "A" Listing? - 4/25/2020
Presented: Emmet Apolinario, CEPA, CVB, Sunbelt International

Did you ever accept a listing engagement that you later realized would be a “dog” and probably sit around, eat up your time, and not sell? Sure, if you’ve been around long enough, you’ve probably done that. We’re certain there were many factors circling in your head when you accepted that listing, but now that you have it, how do you work with this listing and turn it into a good “A” listing? Learn several valuable advisory ideas and tips on how to offer your Seller Clients help on turning their “B” listing into an “A” listing.

Presenter: Emmet Apolinario, CEPA, CVB, Sunbelt International
Track: The Next Level
8:30 to 10am
Email: Emmet@ConfidentialSale.com
8 Common Mistakes Made by Buyers, Sellers and Intermediaries in the SBA Loan Process - 4/25/2020
Presenter: Chad Fondriest

Landing the listing is a challenge. Add on finding a qualified buyer which the seller likes, and whom submits an acceptable offer, and you have a deal. Then the hard work begins. Navigating the financing closing process can be hard enough, let alone with an inexperienced buyer, or even bank. Come learn from an expert who has been closing SBA loans for 16 years, and even has one himself, the top 8 most common mistakes buyers and sellers make, and what you can do to avoid them, and allow your deals to move swiftly through the process.

Presenter: Chad Fondriest, United Midwest Savings Bank
Track: The Next Level
1:30pm to 3pm
Email: CFondriest@umwsb.com