How Business Owners Will Benefit From Working with an OBBA Member:

  • OBBA members ensure maximum confidential exposure of your business to other members and buyers in a timely fashion. This exposure will result in your receiving the highest price in the shortest marketing period. Our professional standards and commitment to the confidentiality of our clients? proprietary business information work to ensure successful transactions.

  • OBBA members eagerly await the new business listed in the association?s multiple listing service to tender to their clients.

  • An OBBA membership indicates to the business community that the member has made an extra commitment to professionalism.

  • Owners also benefit from the training and educational programs received by OBBA members, as well as exposure to new ideas and experiences shared by our membership.

How Business Buyers Will Benefit From Working with an OBBA Member:
  • OBBA members have access to information about every type of business available in the marketplace, thus permitting buyers to review a full array of businesses in an expeditious manner.

How Brokers Will Benefit From OBBA Membership:
  • Becoming involved with a comprehensive, effective and efficient network.

  • Belonging to an association devoted to your professional development and success.

  • Receiving recognition by the public of your commitment and expertise in the business brokerage field Benefits To Business Buyers.

  • Having access to this website.

Upcoming Events

OBBA Membership and Sponsorship Fees Due Date - 1/31/2018
OBBA Membership and Sponsorship Fees and Dues. Deadline for payment for prior to expiration of the Intranet Profile and Access....
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Monthly Cleveland OBBA Meeting - 1/31/2018
Come join us for the monthly Cleveland Northcoast OBBA meeting.

We will promptly start at 12pm and please email President, Darrin J....
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INVENT PENN STATE – The ingenious power of partnerships.

Venture & IP Conference April 19 & 20, 2018

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International Business Brokers Association Annual Conference - 5/4/2018 - 5/7/2018
Get Jazzed Up! “Find your groove in New Orleans”

May 4 to May 7, 2018, New Orleans, LA

2018 Annual Conference!

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